Down Characteristics
Generally, down is collected from geese, ducks and other waterfowls’ neck between the chest and abdomen. This part of body would submerge in water most of the time, and that’s why they perform well on keeping heat and moisture. Down constitutes high intensity of fibers, known as breathing feathers. Pure down and small feathers are two mainly parts of down. Pure down is radiation-like and formed by many down fibers. The function of down fiber is to store air. Small feathers are from back and chest with a small stalk of the feather. The main purpose is for support from the pure down which is not easily crushed. The combination of two components can block external air, prevent internal air to leak and thus, forming a natural wall, and becomes a lightweight, soft and warm natural noble green product.
About Star Glory
Normally, down is consisted of pure down, down fibers, small feathers and feather fibers. It is important to know whether the composition of the down is what you want or not. Therefore we have a lab in our office to implement the testing of down. Not only the content analysis to show the evidence we had made the right products for you but also Fill power (which is also important to down products, known as FP), Turbidity test (cleanliness test), Species test (guarantee the percentage of goose) and Oxygen test. The quality of our down is what we concern the most.